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Founded in 2000, the Phoenix (HuaYun) Artistic Troupe is the largest Chinese dance organization In Montreal. We are a performing art organization of Chinese dancers, singers, musicians, acrobats, and martial artists. We are dedicated to help Canadian audiences to learn about Chinese culture and local Chinese community through our performing arts in Canada. Every year, we offer various shows to our audiences. Our shows are the most highly anticipated and well-attended events in greater Montreal area among Chinese community.

We are composed of over 50 members, many of whom are most talented in the local art circles. Since 2000, Phoenix (HuaYun) Artistic Troupe has given more than hundreds of shows of traditional Chinese performing arts in Montreal, and its surrounding cities, including Ottawa, Toronto, Sherbrooke, and Quebec City. We also have made multiple appearances on Canada and Quebec TV programs (Radio-Canada, ArTV, VOX, etc). We are enjoying a good reputation in the province.

Among all the shows we give throughout the year, the biggest event is the Montreal Chinese New Year Gala. This show is organized to celebrate the Chinese New Year and it's usually at the beginning of the year. Year 2013, Montreal Chinese New Year Gala, takes place at Theatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts on Feb 17.


Chinese New Year Show

Phoenix (HuaYun) Artistic Troupe produces multiple shows throughout each year, among which, The Montreal Chinese New Year shows attracts the most audience (~1500). This show is composed of Chinese dances, singing, acrobats, martial arts, and various other formats. This show is directed by award-wining and well-know artist and choreographer, Wensi Yan. Wensi Yan has also appeared as the lead actress of many musical, theatrical plays, movies, and commercials. She acted as the lead role (Alice) in the theatrical <<Alice in Wonderland>>. This show has toured more than 30 cities in both Canada and China in years 2010 and 2012.

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